Manage every aspect of giving, from deposit through grants

  • Fund automation

    Create your own schedule of recurring deposits/grants

  • Giving goals

    Set smart granting goals and track your progress in real time

  • Charity directory

    Our directory contains every US charity, enabling you to research, see insights, and save your favorites

  • Maximum Insight

    Access a rich roster of reports to monitor what your charitable funds are doing

The Donors' Fund Aspect The Donors' Fund Aspect The Donors' Fund Aspect The Donors' Fund Aspect
The Donors' Fund Growth Giving
Growth Giving TM

Grow your impact through investing

Choose from our carefully selected
investments portfolios, all managed
by the world's leading financial institutions.
Grow your funds tax-free while deciding
on how to grant them best.

Private Client Suite

A wealth of additional capabilities

Experience a higher level of giving
with our exclusive, private-client
platform for bonafide philanthropists.

Private Client tools
The Donors' Fund Capabilities
Fees reimagined

How do we set
your giving free?

The Donors' Fund Baloons


No tier-based rates.

No hidden fees.

No transaction fees.

Just simple, free giving.

Annual Fee


Processing fees

  • Online Grants
  • QR Codes
  • Charity Website
  • Campaign Connect
  • Certificates
  • Giving Card
  • Grant Request
Donor-Advised Fund Benefits

Giving made less taxing

A donor-advised fund is the smartest, most
strategic way to run your charitable activities:

The Donors' Fund Coin

Instant tax deductions

The Donors' Fund Coin

Grant when you're ready

The Donors' Fund Coin

Flawless, unified receipts

The Donors' Fund Coin

Retain your anonymity

The Donors' Fund Coin

No distribution minimums

The Donors' Fund Coin

No accounting/legal fees

The Donors' Fund Coin

No 501(c)(3) verification

The Donors' Fund Coin

Write off up to 60% of income

The Donors' Fund Coin

Deduct donated assets at fair market value

Your Impact

The change that was given
with The Donors' Fund support

100,000 +

Number of grants made

The Donors' Fund Coin

Number of charities supported


Distribution ratio
(national average below 25%)

About Us

The wind beneath
the giver's wing

The Donor's Fund is a modern, innovative donor-advised fund that serves as the executor of the donor's goodwill. From our tools to our services to our fee structures, every component is designed to eliminate all barriers, inefficiencies, overheads, and frustrations standing between giver and giving.

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