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Causing charity.

We recognized early on that despite donors' best intentions, charity wasn't a given: transactional limitations, red tape, and administrative hassle severely impacted the giving experience.

To help donors break free and make giving more rewarding, our team of philanthropic and finance executives created the definitive "giving company", offering the latest in giving technologies, charitable insights, DAF accounts, and more.

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Who We Are

Champions of the donor.
Allies of the good cause.

The Donor's Fund leadership represents a cross-section of for-profit and nonprofit veterans who are invested in making charity go round.

By wholeheartedly supporting generous donors, we help them fund the causes that mean the most to them, while simultaneously making the world a better place.

The Donors' Fund Board - Aron Schlesinger

Aron Schlesinger


The Donors' Fund Board - Yakov Travis

Yakov Travis


The Donors' Fund Board - Ari Luss

Ari Luss


The Donors' Fund Board - Chany Altman

Chany Altman

Charity Liaison

The Donors' Fund Board - Simi Brunner

Simi Brunner

Charity Liaison

Oversight and Governance

Accountable to our donors,
in every cent of the word

Part of our mission to set you Free to giveTM includes
our obsessive commitment to transparency and
accountability. We invite your questions and inquiries

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