Investment Benefits

More change from every dollar
with the give-grow-grant equation

The Donors' Fund Graph The Donors' Fund Graph The Donors' Fund Graph The Donors' Fund Graph The Donors' Fund Graph
  • Tax-Free Funding

    Your funds go in tax deductible, grow tax-free, and are distributed tax-free to the charities you choose.

  • Select your exposure level
    Place your funds across different investment portfolios ranging from most conservative to most aggressive:
  • Funds managed by giants
    Management by leading financial institutions helps reduce risk and promote growth, leaving you with more to give.
  • Lowest Investment Minimums
    Begin your Growth GivingTM journey small, or spread your invested funds across more portfolios with a low minimum of $500.
  • Individualized Portfolio
    Private Client Exclusive
    As a private client, you have the power to choose, transition, and grow your accounts in the way that works best for you.
How It Works

Seamless two-way bridge
between investing and giving


Open a general giving account with The Donor's Fund


Transfer funds from your giving account to portfolio(s) you prefer


Log in for daily performance updates or to update allocations


Grant as usual by transferring funds back to your general account

No wait periods. No annual transfer limits.
You're Free to giveTM as often and as generously as you like.

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