The Donors' Fund Phone

Private Account

  • Finance advisor helps maximize your tax strategy
  • Personal concierge is dedicated to your mission
  • Giving advisor offers ongoing granting support

Private Foundation Switching

We collaborate with your accountants and managers
to seamlessly transition from your private foundation to
your new The Donors' Fund account

Foundation vs. DAF
The Donors' Fund Folder
The Donors' Fund Mobile

Custom investment portfolio

Exercise greater control with a customized
account to directly access the portfolio
and recommend your own trades with
investment balances exceeding $250,000

Money Managers Welcome

Enable your own team to continue managing your portfolio while taking advantage of our advanced tools.

The Donors' Fund Bow Tie
The Donors' Fund Golden Egg

Real Estate & Complex Assets

Contribute real estate, notes, securities, equity stakes, hedge fund assets, cryptocurrencies, collectibles, art, and other assets; get an instant tax deduction at full market value; avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated assets; The Donors' Fund liquidates assets on behalf of your chosen charities.

Upgraded Card & Personalized Certificate

Personalize your giving experience with personalized
certificates (personal, computer, business), get an exclusive
Bronze Giving Card, and enjoy zero grantmaking limits.

The Donors' Fund Card and Check
Lift Off

Lose the burdens,
gain the freedom

Enjoy the full Donor's Fund private-client experience to give up the hassle - without giving up control.

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