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Want to help all your favorite causes with one donation and no hassle?

The Donors’ Fund affords you an instant tax deduction, and all the ease and flexibility to distribute as you choose.

How you benefit

Reduces unnecessary paperwork

Maintaining records of checks and receipts for all donations is cumbersome and time consuming. With The Donors’ Fund, all your charity is condensed into donations to a single tax deductible entity, for which we maintain all records and provide all necessary documentation.

Simplifies bookkeeping

Balancing your desire to give charity with your need to maintain optimal asset and cash flow management can be difficult. The Donors’ Fund significantly streamlines your charity check writing and bookkeeping needs. Your complete detailed history is available to you online, affording you the ability to make prudent decisions.

Maximizes tax deductions

When you make many charitable donations, you often forfeit considerable rightful tax deductions due to cash donations, inadequate record keeping, document loss or the failure of a recipient to provide you with the required documentation. When you utilize The Donors’ Fund, you can easily ensure that you are eligible for a tax deduction for every penny of charitable giving.

Protects your confidentiality

Identity theft is among the greatest contemporary threats, especially when it comes to affluent individuals. Charitable donations by check - and even more so by credit card – places lots of sensitive information at risk. With The Donors’ Fund, we are the only entity that requires any personal or financial information, which we protect with the utmost confidentiality and security. No information – not even your name – needs to be furnished to any recipient.

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