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How does your charity benefit?

More Donations

With The Donors’ Fund, donors feel more secure to donate to your charity. Even the best intentioned donors are often hesitant to contribute to a particular charity out of concern for the legitimacy of the charity’s tax exempt status, documentation and/or the confidentiality of their personal information.

The Donors’ Fund offers philanthropists the peace of mind that their donations will only be given to qualified charities and that they will be provided with any documentation they would require for bookkeeping and tax-deduction purposes. Philanthropists will also have the peace of mind in knowing that no personal information will be compromised by making a donation to your charity.

Less Administrative Work

Your organization will have no obligation to maintain records or provide documentation on behalf of a The Donors’ Fund donor. This will save your staff time, money and many potential long-term headaches.

How do you submit certificates?

Certificates can be submitted by the donor or by a charity representative. It's simple.

Personally bring or mail the certificates, with the charity details, to The Donors' Fund office at:

The Donors' Fund

328 3rd St.

Lakewood, NJ 08701

Note: You are advised to keep a record (e.g. a photocopy) of the certificates that are being mailed in.

Please complete the required information on the back of at least one of the certificates being submitted.

Once a certificate is received, The Donors' Fund will verify the validity of the certificate and your charity organization. If approved, we will then send a check by mail. This typically takes 2-5 business days.

If you lose or find certificates, please contact our office at 1844-666-0808

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